Elvis Ayala x
New York City College Of Technology

Graphic Design, Print-Production

Each year, City Tech holds a design competition for their Commencement Ceremony and Honors Convocation booklets. Students from all departments are encouraged to participate. Fast-forward a couple weeks after the deadline, and the two winning designs were announced. My design was selected to represent Spring 2018's Honors Convocation.

One major requirement was to be less traditional with the design. Three key elements I focused on were: fresh, inclusive, and open-ended. And since the convocation is being held in the spring, the design should reflect that.

Here's a closer look at my initial concepts. The biggest challnge was adding context to the white-space. Is it a sky with lens flares and geometric shapes? A map with radar pulses? The final version gave off the strongest impression of spring to me.

Elvis Ayala x
new york popular

Design, Print-Production, Ad Campaigns, Marketing, Customer Service

I had the opportunity to work with New York Popular under their Wicked Custom Apparel® and Lifeguard® brands as one of their lead designers. Over the past few months I designed and printed over one-thousand designs (yes, really!) for their clothing. Please enjoy the design wall below featuring ten percent of them since one thousand is far too many for a single screen.

Elvis Ayala x

UI/UX Design, Front-End Web Development

I spent the Summer of 2016 interning at Alexapath with a team of interns. I was tasked with updating the front-end and user flow for their internal web app. The design went through several iterations before reaching the final look.